Star Force One

I don’t think our president could get any more awesome if he tried.  I have two pieces of a Newsweek article to back up this assertion, both of which showcase his awesomeness in very different ways:

“That’s what satisfies me now, I think—being useful to my family and the people who elected me, leaving behind a legacy that will make our children’s lives more hopeful than our own.  Sometimes, working in Washington, I feel I am meeting that goal.  At other times, it seems as if the goal recedes from me, and all the activity I engage in—the hearings and speeches and press conferences and position papers—are an exercise in vanity, useful to no one.”

Excellence.  I always wondered what he thought of all of the PR shit that comes along with being the President.

But let’s shift gears:


Now, movies I’ve been doing OK [with] because it turns out we got this nice theater on the ground floor of my house…So Star Trek, we saw this weekend, which I thought was good.  Everybody was saying I was Spock, so I figured I should check it out and—[the president makes the Vulcan salute with his hand].


Yes, absolutely.

I don’t know what to say to that besides, well, Fuckin A, Mr. President.  Fuckin A.

Meacham, John.  A conversation with Barack Obama. Newsweek.  May 25, 2009, 36-43.


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5 responses to “Star Force One

  1. n00b

    “an exercise in vanity, useful to no one.”

    Pretty good summation of his presidency so far. His lack of any understanding of economics is getting more and more painful by the day.

    • cupcakeheartbreak

      Hello, Noob! Thanks for reading.

      I find it interesting that you chose to delete the first half of that quote in order to meet the needs of the point you were trying to make. That’s cool and stuff, but I think that what Obama was saying here (if you look at the quote in its entirety) was that he worries sometimes that all the hard work he is doing gets tied up in all of the PR stuff one has to do as the leader of a nation. This quote struck me as a great example of how important it is to him that he succeeds in changing America.

      I am quite obviously of the opinion that he’s doing a very good job. It seems that this somewhat glib comment was left on my very clearly prObama blog in order to spark something. I can only hope it is a civil conversation you wish to engage, and not an argument. However, reflecting upon the nature of this comment, I can only assume it is the latter, and that is the type of political discourse which does not interest me in the slightest. But again, thank you for reading my blog!

      ❤ – Cupcake Jones

  2. ioncehadpartedhair

    Obama gives me the most painfully wonderful turgid erection ever.

  3. Tim Weaver

    Now now, Noob is exactly right. Our nation will rue the day when we were blessed with the economic genius of George W. Bush.

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