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I live in a city and I am a girl.  I am in my thirties.  I don’t want to tell you much else because I probably work for you and you will get mad at me because I hate a lot of things and one of them is probably working for you.

So, yeah, all right, if you want to email me and tell me how fat I am and stuff, you should.

3 responses to “About / Contact

  1. Oolaff Sprugg

    Stumbled upon your site. Dang, you are so very funny. Thanks, I really needed to laugh.

  2. xanaxannex2010

    I agree with Oolaff. Very few things I read make me laugh as much as this. I wonder where you’ve been though? It seems everytime I find a great blog and start raving about it to people, it descends into inactivity. I swear, this happens relatively often.

  3. katniss everdeen

    you made me realize I don’t have to be sad or depressed it dosent matter what people say im going to be myself from here on out

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