That’s what you get!

Well, Steven made a list of the search terms people have used to find his blog, so I thought that was a good idea, and did what I do with other good ideas, I take them away from the people who had them.  Then I go up to someone else outside of the situation and say “Look, look at this good idea that I had.  I am so smart!”  And they say “Yes, yes you are so smart!”

So here are the search terms that have brought lonely interweb travelers to my blog:

cupcake heartbreak
raggy mogow
wifely arts
cupcakes and heartbreak blog
hey buddy, my eyes are up here
white trash cupcakes
ethiopian cunts
cory kennedy
cupcake heart break
the kennedy cupcakes
wet and wildgrls
figure skating cunt
tony awards 2009 injury
conor kennedy muse
all types of cunt you could ever want to
i-d magazine cory kennedy
cupcake heartbreake
dildo bicycle race
“drunk girls”
hasselhoff light bulb jacket
four floors of whores
erlend oye
sweet little cunts
book club wordpress
cucumber rubber cunt
southern illinois cunt
myspace cupcake symbols and character
stuff it in my cunt
cupcake heartbreak blogspot
cristina ricci showing cunt
vacuum cups on tits and cunts
raggy mogow twitter
cupcake heartbreka
make my cunt take it
fire ice cussler
cupcake heartbreak blog
wet jogging shorts girl
“camille and wade. crystal”
camille wade the virgins
facebook piss on my cunt
hasselhoff dildo adventure

There is definitely a lot of cuntage going on.  Can we talk about this?

I suppose that’s what you get for cunting around on the Internet.


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3 responses to “That’s what you get!

  1. seanraff

    Congratulations. You’re knee deep in cunt hunters.

  2. seanraff


  3. ioncehadpartedhair




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